Silhouettes Gratitude is the Attitude!

Indigo Yoga Dayton would not have been possible without the loving-kindness of those who went above and beyond for us. Gratitude is the attitude that makes life meaningful and joyful, so we’d like to count our blessings – the karma yogis listed below brought their considerable talents to bear in creating the studio space and the photography featured on our website. We are humbled and deeply grateful for their gifts:

Studio Build-Out (Contracting and Permitting) – Scott Fecher and Takis Rozakis (ABR Construction 937-902-9927)
Demolition – Scott Fecher, Nathan Kearns, Takis Rozakis
Custom Cabinets – Stamatis Bulugaris (Bulugaris Builders) and Takis Rozakis
Finish Carpentry – Scott Fecher and Takis Rozakis
Tile Work – Stamatis Bulugaris, Scott Fecher and Takis Rozakis
Painting – Scott Fecher, Nathan Kearns, Todd Fecher, Robin Shadowens, and Takis Rozakis
Cork Floor Installation – Stamatis Bulugaris, Scott Fecher, Todd Fecher, Nate Kearns, and Takis Rozakis

Photography (Graffiti Art and Dayton Art Institute shoots) by Stellitsa Rozakis Fine Art Photography (
Photography (Tall Grasses/Blue Sky and Indoor Studio shoots) by Christine Lentz Photography (
Photography (Headshots and Outdoor Garden shoots) by Betsy Reames Photography
Graphic Design by Kara Lamm

And last, but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to our families, friends and teachers for their infinite patience, encouragement and love!

Peace and love,
Amy and Barb