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Amy and Barb

Supreme Practice, Supreme Life

Indigo Yoga was designed and built as a suburban retreat and a haven for your practice. Utilizing feng shui principles, a Zen-inspired aesthetic, and sustainable materials, we have created a sanctuary for yoga study and practice.

The Indigo experience begins in our comfortable and private reception space, where students are greeted warmly and invited to relax and visit. The highlight of our studio space is of course the practice room. At nearly 900 square feet, it is one of the largest yoga spaces in Dayton and features a beautiful, state-of-the-art cork floor. Natural light combined with crystal sconces and warm textured walls create a space that radiates with energy. Indigo also features 2 large bathrooms with changing areas and a well-appointed massage and Reiki suite, home to “Blissful Body,” our in-house massage service.

We know you will find our new home as beautiful and inviting as we do and we look forward to your visit!

Amy and Barb

Why Yoga?

If you have ever experienced a moment of complete oneness and openness, perhaps while in nature or engaged in your favorite sport or activity, you have experienced the state of yoga. Some call this a state of “flow,” where time is lost and the moment simply opens into an expansive sense of peace and joy. This is the miracle of present moment awareness. We lose ourselves and at once discover where we are from. In a moment we realize there is no separation and no lacking.

The practice of yoga brings us closer to ourselves. It heightens our awareness, roots us in the present and creates space in our bodies and minds for us to live more productive, less reactive lives. Each one of us has as our true nature an inner radiance. The yoga practice is a form of inner alchemy. Through the union of breath and movement we gently reveal our true selves so that we can shine more brightly.

Our Yoga

Our commitment to you as a member of the Indigo Yoga family is evident in everything we do. We will never compromise the integrity of our teaching or the programs we offer. At Indigo Yoga we understand that change is eternal and we embrace it! We are dedicated to evolving our programs to meet the needs of our community and to learning and growing along with our students.

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Our Team

Together we are greater than we are alone. We have assembled amazing teachers, who are dedicated to their students and to their own self-inquiry and continuing study. We treat each other with respect and kindness, we welcome new ideas and opinions, and we go the extra mile by doing whatever needs to be done – with a smile.

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Your experience at Indigo Yoga is our highest concern. We promise to greet you warmly, welcome you wholeheartedly, and embrace your unique needs and goals. We consider it a privilege to serve you and will do so with a winning, “can-do” attitude, never forgetting you come to the studio by choice.

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