Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training with Becky Morrissey

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training with Becky Morrissey
2 part, 50 hour course continues December 15th, 2017.

TSY is body oriented and spiritually nourishing. It is instructive and emphasizes choices. TSY provides structure to help foster our internal sense of safety, personal agency, and choice in cultivating our capacity for self- awareness and self-regulation. This workshop provides a practical approach to creating trauma-sensitive yoga experience, helping you and others to heal, be empowered, and be restored.

Course 1: Clarify (20 hours with 18 classroom hours) August 11-13th| Fri 7-9, Sat and Sun 12-6 – If you have taken Course 1 Clarify, you may continue to Course 2 and beyond.
Course 2: Facilitate (30 hours) October 6th- 8th times are the same
Course 2, Facilitate, Part 2, December 15th – 17th times are the same

Clarify Description: In order to be of help to others, understanding our own experiences as preparation and base for compassionate insight will be the focus of this course. Practical, applicable skills will also be used to begin the journey of healing for ourselves and others. Community will be created to support individual growth and practice on and off the mat during and between courses. Ethical considerations, safe movements, accurate language, appropriate settings, and much more will be explored.

Course text: Mary NurrieStearns’ Yoga for Emotional Trauma

Course 1: Clarify (20 hours)

Investment: $250/$225 Indigo members

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Course 2: Facilitate (30 hours) 

Investment: $375/$337.50 Indigo members

1st weekend only: $200/$180 Indigo members

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 Please note for Course 2, you can not register for the second weekend (December 15-17) without having completed the first.  


Friday 7-9 pm 

Saturday 12-6 pm

Sunday 12-6 pm

Facilitate Description: This part of the course will provide a detailed framework for conceptualizing why and implementing how to incorporate trauma-sensitive yoga into teaching practices. The course focuses on each of the four principles in detail, creating consent forms, assessments, treatment plans, and therapeutic applications. A live demonstration of a trauma sensitive yoga therapy session will be offered as well as class experience with discussion and processing. Ethical considerations, stewardship, safe movements, accurate language, appropriate settings, and much more will be explored. 5+ hour practicum is required within the 30 hours of the course, each student-practitioner engaging a student/client for individual yoga therapy work, using the consent form and assessment, creating a treatment plan and progress notes. A presentation to the group of the practicum work by each student begins to develop a peer mentoring group for community building. This course has a curriculum and syllabus I can forward to you.

Course Texts: Mary NurrieStearns’ Yoga for Emotional Trauma
David Emerson’s Overcoming Trauma with Yoga
David Emerson’s Bringing the Body into Treatment

Becky Morrissey eRYT500, is an Ohio licensed mental health and substance abuse counseling professional (LPCC, LICDC-CS). She has studied many forms of therapeutic yoga, applying practices such as meditation, somatic movement, and breath therapeutics for understanding management of chronic stress, addiction, trauma healing, and mood. She offers therapeutic yoga in her classes, workshops, and trainings for students to explore empowerment of one’s own health and spiritual wellness. She has earned a BS in Zoology from The Ohio State University and a MA in Mental Health, Substance Abuse Counseling and Wellness from Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont. She is currently studying Body Mind Centering and EmbodiYoga with the founder of EmbodiYoga, Lisa Clark. Becky has taught yoga classes in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus communities since 2004. Her enthusiasm for spiritual seeking and for holding space for student-mind weaves a sense of hope, healing, and insightful understanding of personal evolution into Yoga teaching.